Loving September

Whew...the last few weeks have just flown by! We have been busy, but thankfully its been a month of fun and mostly good news!

Our month started with a fun dinner with the Bhutanese refugee family we have been working with.We have had a great time learning about their lives and their culture and we have been helping them get acclimated to life in America. We decided to introduce them to Mexican food that night.

I am not so sure what they thought about the food, but the sure did love our cats.

Then we headed up to MN to spend Labor Day weekend with Matt's family. The weather was beautiful and we had a blast playing games and hanging out together. The girls even took on the guys in a battle of the sexes bowling event. Unfortunately, the ladies lost - my horrid 50-something-score definitely did not help (Man I am a terrible bowler!). But we had a great time none the less.

Here's the ladies ready to take on the guys. We may not have the scores the guys did, but at least we looked cute losing :)

Then the next weekend, I headed up to Lake Geneva with for Missio Dei's 1st annual retreat. We had an amazing time hanging out in a beautiful spot and studying God's Redeeming Love for us. It was amazing. I did bring my camera but was having so much fun I forgot to take pictures once I got up there. I did manage to capture some shots on the way up. Since we wanted to make sure we had a true Wisconsin trip, we stopped at the brat stop where we had way to much fun and ate way to many calories (but I am determined that calories don't count on a girl's weekend anyway!)

Then during that week, I got some great news. My mom, who has been looking for a job for a bit, found a great job in a suburb near where Matt and I live. I am excited for her and I am excited to live fairly close to my mom - which we really haven't since I was in high school.

Then this past weekend we headed back up to MN for Matt's cousin's wedding. It was fun to get to see the family again for such a happy event.

The month so far has had many other fun events mixed in, and after months mixed with so much sadness and bad news, some fun and good news feels awesome.


  1. We have to celebrate GOOD NEWS everytime we get some! Aunt Jana

  2. Glad to hear you've had a good month! That is awesome that your mom will be closer now. :-)